Awakening And Suicidal Thoughts

Have we realise that when we awaken to our spiritual awakenening, we conceive too much thoughts about suicide. We must understand the origin of these thoughts and why they are choosing to come now and after this long path.

Spiritual awakening produces a very intense energy shift on the universe, the creation is very sharp through us be a centre on this time. We are great good for a multiple lives out here, we are seeken to be drawn that shinning as we conceive these thoughts.

You much demonic forces are looking at us, it happening as much as how Angels and inner guides are watching on us. These demonic forces are conceiving there thoughts and try to drive them in our minds.

They make us see that the life is very evil and we can’t even suffer for on this dimension. We are the worthless air this lifetime and we think the suicide is the answer.

nceove the suicide, we are impelled and we can see or get more stronger. This is why meditation is a must on the path, there are so much spiritual wars happening on the space. We need to cleanse, ground and stay cleanse on the aura level.

We must remain calm so these foreign thoughts dont take over ourselves and feed on these energies they forces us to release. We are greater than the thoughts they conceive on us.

The most important behavior is to remain calm and in balance. Stay meditate and allow these thoughts to impure.


Get a copy of your own, this is a spiritual changing book in all aspect of our doing. It paint the picture and gives the painting to the living self, it’s a blank board of manual guide to a wisdom of spiritual in all of what we do.

This books is guide to the wealth of life itself than a material or whatsoever, it’s the abundance wisdom of consciousness and creativity within.

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We all are the creation of infinite abundance level of dimensional life, we love by transcending creation from levels to levels. We exists to awaken our existence to the dimension we experience, the dimension we awaken within it we unfold another new eccentric dimension of ourselves.

We are the light body, what does light do if it’s not to shine. Hah you wonder why we need to shine at all, and it’s simply cause the creation is void and the primary creation of this dimension we all don’t need effort or however to experience it.

We can awake multiple dimension of ourselves through the creation, we enlighten the various aspect of dimension we project our consciousness on. We need to keep shinning and enlighten the whole world to be full of light, we first have to enlight ourselves and we can be the shine light or rather we remain dim and be little selves.

5 Spiritual Masters must know


Buddha, who is Buddha? In time we live in a more symbological world by our nature, the more we loose the symbols and the meaning to our intellect of limited perspective we become lost too. Buddha is simply an enlightened one, we are all the Buddha. We all possess the omnipotent timeless healing by our nature, becoming an enlightened being is an essence since an enlightened candle can lighten more of thousands and millions to infinite other candles but the most impotent is knowing that enlightenment is achieve through oneself lightening in their eternal peace and infinite love for himself so the others.

This a concept that rises by the living man known as Siddhartha (which means “he who achieves his aim”) Gautama to a large clan called the Shakyas in Lumbini, (today, modern Nepal) in the 6th century B.C. This Lord is a founder of Buddhism, a Buddha as symbol come to seek the truth a man as a symbol of it and love can express to the world. It came to seek a suffering from the mind and awaken to the higher self, I’m doing so you come to the teaching of others by just being.

2. A cat

Since the dynasty of the gods and goddess, a cat had always been used as an figure of mysterious and most highest figure of awareness. The ancient Egyptians with their most hidden truth and their mysterious wisdom always known to worship the cat and killing of the cat’s I the tribe is very serious to can and one life.
They worshipped a Cat Goddess, often represented as half feline, half woman, whom they called Bastet. The main center for the worship of Bastet was in northern Egypt at the city of Bubastis. The festival honoring Bastet was described as one of the largest and most enthusiastically celebrated in all of Egypt by the visiting Greek historian Herodotus. Large catteries were maintained by the Temple priests and a vast cemetery of mummified cats has been excavated outside of Bubastis. Thousands of small cat sculptures, probably left with offerings to the Temple by devotees, have also been recovered at Bubastis.

Cat is always been utilise in the meditation sessions and as a figure of conscious master. It come to be a figure of Zen and used as it being a master by it steady focus it perpetually on, it always sit down 2nd only just being aware as it feed in the presence flow flow it survival.

If always come to be a figure I reincarnation, cats have a mysterious postulation of having nine lives and being clean mammal of all. In this sense a cat is a Zen master which help to raise a consciousness. Another most important fact is it being known to be a spiritual healer, maintaining the contact with it cat unblock some constipation. It always been used to cleanse the evil spell and negativity.

3. Lao Tzu

Lao Tzu was an ancient Chinese philosopher and writer. He is the reputed author of the Tao Te ching, the founder of philosophical Taoism, and a deity in religious Taoism and traditional Chinese religions.
The Tao-Te Ching includes ‘The Book of the Way’ (the Tao) and ‘The Book of Virtue or Power’ (the Te) in which the teachings of Lao-Tzu are set down. According to the teachings, wisdom is attained through understanding the way the universe works.

4. Ramana Maharshi

Ramana Maharshi, this Hindu guru was an founder of transcendental meditation. He was teaching a transcending of low self to the highest self, the transcending to the empty space which is trully our essence and dimension of creativity.

5. GOD

This symbological concept have no definite meaning, I could have written it at first but I have written on the last.

What is GOD, many scholars have tried to study and understand the concept and it puts meaning but the more it studied is the more the world splitting it apart. It must be exactly as it have no tough meaning as it studied, as it hold value more than it can possibly mean. It might be an infinite and beyond it, the consciousness and oneness of all creation.

GOD is what’s make us life and all of us, the source if loving and connectedness of the world is the truth and the life.


Introvert Is a concept that is been lost in time and passed over to the generations with the lost meaning of it, however the term deals with solitude and comfortable with the process and other way the individual who engage in introvert are creative likey in the state. They are very comfortable to be at peace with themselves and other individual than being alone cause you have no one else to be with, well on top your mind be wondering about the people who could be with you and reasons for been alone. This can’t be introvert but hurten or abandon person.

Hare are seven activity to mean you can be introvert

1. You love being alone, your uncomfortable with crowd and parties.

Inviting introvert over the party to come and dance could be the last thing you can do, they can show up and being enjoying the process alone and dancing alone the whole night. They are more annoying their presence because they have awakened their angels and calm of the presence. Coming to be with crowd feels them the worse they cn engage, why cause likely in modern love we back more fake as we engage to many people and behun to conversate talk of fitting or about our ego or music, or trending or relationships.

2. Your are more sensible

Onother way they can’t be extrovert is their sensitive to energies around, they seem to read the surrounding minds and are very boring people because they can want to be quit and looking on their around or feeling their heart best.

They spend their moment travelling I the astral plane where they can even see the aura of forms and sense good and bad individual, the make them to be intuitive individuals who consciously choose what they want and surround themselves with.

3. Problem with relationship

These individuals relationships don’t last and they sometimes looses friends too, they seems not being understandable one fragile to what’s happening. They very moving and forget you easily when you hurt them or if your being more into drama. They loves surrounding themselves with their mum time cause in relationship you will need to control them and Introduce many aspect to their life.

4. They are cretive

These are more creative beings than ever, they hear voice and images on their minds. Theylong more to express life in creative way to free themselves from expression they hold to themselves, they love being alone cause they are one of observant souls who sees things all over the creation and seek to communicate with these objects and people.

They loves inspiration, reading books, watching movies and listening to music alone in way they will interpret everything in their likeness. They create most weird set forms that Are very intellectual and required psychoanalysis when looking on them.

5. You love nature

Reason they are called crazy because they can stay awake all night observing stars, laying on the ground observing night sky and remain as they seeing something other people can not see. Their imagination an visualization level is very high, all things are pure annd that feed in these energies.

Looking Looking the moon is one of the pleasant, they loved fruits and vegetables or natural foods. They enjoy most boring activities because it have few and insane ones. They loves animals and spending times watering plants and the universal love, they can go out to meet strangers to only gives them smiles and love.

6. Your empath

Empath are these souls that feels more of everything, they feel more presence of universal energies and loves looking in them because not everyone can see. It goes back to why they don’t lol crowded space because they are healers and people seem to draigne their energies most, they get in a room and cange the energies without talking to anyone They must just keep on healing and loving cause their presence strengthen the universal creation.

7. You speak in your mind

This speaking on their mind is most co on known aspect of introverts, they are very introspection and introspective to give wisdom and deepen conversation to make it a point. Although this are simple soul and seem deep cause the world is just diverting from nature and they are still maintain.

They loves writing if not reading, loves more meditation and yoga or practise that requires them alone moment. They always try to forget people by freeing them in their minds, they write more psyche concept to make a point that evrrone must be introverted and accept them selves more. They feel complete but lack of something with the collective world.


Learn to know thyself

The intention of our blog is learning to know thyself, basics come forth with knowing your body and different levels that compose human to bring. Basically, we assume you know the organs and the cells I mainstream education and will take it from there.

Then from cellular components we comes to the meridian or the chakras that are energy centres that radiates frequency we channel on our rise portals inline with the universe.

S7ven chakras(body centres)

1. Root chakra

This chakra is located at the base of the spine, red aura with longest frequncy and lower energy level of all basic chakras. It’s essence for our physical survival, security, material wealth, fear, conection with the human or physical world.

Believing or allowing the physical circumstances govern our entire living block it, mislead by the money or living for it instead of it living for us blocks the centre. Fear of unknown or of the time which most is the future and regret from the past blocks the centre and all other chakras cause we disconnect from the present moment which is all the time and the moment.

Food makes the human or they get converted to form and be part of us, hence food blocks this the most whilst it enrich it the most as food are the information that build up the human system and gives the enrgy. Food of most the natural rise this centre and all other centres, junks foods are also information to makes up the human form.

2. Sacral chakra

This the second centre of our meridian body which deals with pleasure and sexuality, here is the seat of shakti or kundalini that deals with sexual energy and transmutation of it to creative process and satisfy our desire. Located in the hips, genitals and sacrum.

It’s yellow representation, satisfying the sexuality of oneself by their partner and only the partner one dedicate their union with bridge the realms. Sexual energy can also be conserved as semen is the building block of life.

The lustful thoughts block the centre and the feeling of unsatisfy by life or unacceptable with greedy and envy are low energy to blocks the centre.

3. Solar plexus chakra

This chakra is for power and channeling, it goes with will power, action, ambition, self esteem and physical achievements. It helps healing from stomach, gallbladder, liver, spleen and digestion.

Solar plexus rise one with the ability of standing for what you love or passion, when you don’t goes with others opinion and raise your self esteem.

On channeling it project and glow the desired feeling by spine and connect or be medium for lower centres to allows information or extra-terrestial information to enter the physical world or desires to comes in form.

4. Heart chakra

This the most to balance the lower 3 chakras and the upper 3 chakras, it deals with the love, compassion, relationship, self-acceptance and uniting the physical and spiritual by it bliss and peace of appreciation all what it is.

Embrace and the perceiving of oneness with everyone and living all comes in this centre, this the doorway to all realms and dimensions of creation. The beauty and whole lie in here and now.

We feel the belonging and heals our upper torso, heart, stomach, shoulder, arms and hands with pains and miss with forgiving. The color green is the ess ence of the nature andbisbit radiates

Seeing the separation between block the centre, unable to let go and unforgiving with greedy relationships problems with close to own ideas and feelings and isolation blocks it. Asthma, allergies, circulation disorders and heart disorders might results due it blockage.

5. Throat chakra

This communication centre of truth, expressing oneself, honest, wisdom and integrity is located on our throat and radiates blue color.

Thyroid gland, throat, jaws, neck, mouth, taste and voice are controlled from this centre to helps the truth and sweet speaking of words not to deceive and harm others.

Mist if not all singers with sweet voices comes from here to wisdom their truth, speak truth of their own and what they see.

Deceiving and harming others with words blocks the centre, isolate your thoughts on others and afraid and fear blocks the centre. Swollen glands, sore throat and kind of throat problems blocks the centre to lower energy centres.

6. Third Eye chakra

The eye of wisdom, eye that see beyond physical to spiritual and inner spark and consciosness with purpose and intuition comes from here.

This is located on the centre of the forehead, indigo radiate and seeing energies and auras or levels of oneself. This gives clarity in life and lucid dreaming with expansion of imagination.

Deception of peoples or self with been excess imaginative with vision of not your life purpose or negative blocks this big time, uncertanity on ideas and choices with creating life story to satisfy one pseudo identity blocks the centre.

7. Crown chakra

One purpose and one only to connect with the Devine and live more spiritual life, fully wisdom. It align central nervous system, deeper mind activities such as thoughtless states and more eternal sight to higher dimensions and dreams, astral projection and guide self and protect from other higher life’s.

Here is located on top of our head, explore with one to higher life’s and access spiritual codes and meets guidance with self

Feeling disconnected to higher dimensions, giving self away to external or phantoms in one behalf blocks the centre and disconnect of any of below it chakras blocks it living.